Steuart Pittman Spoke at February 2019 GSPC Meeting

County Executive Steuart Pittman will be speaking at the GSPC February 12th meeting after a scheduling conflict that prevented him from speaking at last month’s meeting.

Steuart Pittman never intended to run for office. As a community organizer and businessman, he learned to develop others as leaders. But he also learned to listen, and to act when called upon.

Anne Arundel County is at a critical moment. It can continue to pursue the incumbent executive’s fiscally irresponsible “growth by leaps and bounds”, or it can address the needs of its communities and people. Steuart looked hard for a leader to take on Steve Schuh in 2018 and none stepped forward. After nudging from family, friends, and likeminded community leaders Steuart discovered that he was in fact the person for the job.

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