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August Meeting Agenda

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Roche Principal Spotlight Birus

Our guest speaker will be R. Lynn Birus, Principal, Severna Park Elementary School. Ms. Birus will share the exciting news of the award of the “Blue Ribbon” status to the school this spring, and what the Blue Ribbon acknowledges and celebrates.  She will also share some insights into our elementary schools as we enter the 2015-2016 school year.

We will also hear from a candidate for the Democratic Nomination for Congressional District 4, Retired Army Lt. Colonel Warren Christopher.

In keeping with our usual practice, candidates for office are welcome to join us at our meetings as long as they contact the President in advance to arrange a time. Each will be afforded one 5 minute period to introduce himself/herself and make a statement.  This opportunity will be afforded to each candidate once during the primary cycle and once again following the primary.  On this date, the candidate will also be allowed to come early to the meeting and speak individually with any delegates who may wish to do so, and may leave literature on the table.  To avoid becoming a venue for “debates” we will not allow questions from the floor during or following the candidate’s presentation.  There will be other opportunities for debates during the election cycle, and our purpose is to provide our member communities with an opportunity to “meet” a candidate in a community meeting, not to explore in-depth the merits of the candidacy.

Mark your calendars for our September meeting, when we will welcome Superintendent George Arlotto just in time to share new initiatives and plans for the school year.

See you Tuesday evening!!!

Photo courtesy of Severna Park Voice