BWI Flight Path Noise

Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport Noise Committee 

 The Greater Severna Park Noise Committee works with local, state and federal authorities to reduce airplane noise pollution caused by airplanes in the Thurgood Marshall|BWI flight path across the greater Severna Park area. We also collaborate with other communities affected by the noise.  

Make a Difference to reduce airport noise!

Sign the BWI Noise reduction petition:

In order to affect change and increase the visibility across the internet the committee  has developed a petition that can be found in at the link below. We would appreciate if you could take a few minutes and support our efforts by signing this BWI Noise Reduction Petition. 

Write your legislators:

We are also encouraging our supporters to write to your local, state and federal legislators.  We are confident this engagement will  elevate the urgency and increase the visibility across all levels of Government.  The goal is that through advocacy and/or legislation we achieve some level of  remediation to the BWI noise issue.

File BWI Noise Complaints with Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA):

The more points of data that we have the stronger our case is.  Note when especially loud and low flights disturb your daily life, your family’s sleep, your children’s studying.  You can also file complaints with MAA (BWI Noise Complaint Form

Spread the word about Aircraft Noise:

Talk with your friends, neighbors and others that are affected by the increased airport noise.  Encourage them to make a difference too!  The more voices we gather, the louder our message will be.

Federal Legislators

US Senators

US House

State and County Legislators

To find your state and county elected officials click on the links below:

FAA/BWI Aviation Noise News 

How To Contact US:

If you have questions, information, poignant anecdotes or want to get further involved, please send us an email at